Your Full and Complete Guide to LPG Boilers and Heating

Whilst many households in the UK are connected to mains gas, there are those (about 4 million in all) which aren’t connected, and most of these households make use of LPG heating systems. The most obvious difference between an LPG heating system and a mains gas heating system is the fact that LPG is stored in tanks, and it is also delivered to your home or business. If you are thinking of making use of LPG, here’s your full and complete guide to LPG boilers and heating.

How does it work?

LPG falls under what is known as a wet system for heating, where the LPG boiler is capable of heating water in order to provide heating to a home through radiators. Hot water is also provided by the boiler for the home’s taps. Certain boilers which have been designed for use in mains gas heating can also be converted for use in an LPG system.

The cost

If you are to make use of LPG boilers and heating, the annual expense associated with both the heating as well as the hot water is around £780 if you consume about 12,000 kWh per year. It is important to note, however, that this cost is just an estimate, and it is aimed mainly at helping you compare the costs related to other fuel sources and types. Some other factors can have an effect on your overall energy bill, and this will include your home’s insulation and age as well as the efficiency of your heating and hot water system. Another factor which could influence the cost is your location within the UK.

The benefits

There are many proven benefits associated with the use of LPG heating systems, as confirmed by the experts from LPG is extremely efficient as a fuel, and this allows you to maximise your returns for each energy unit. What’s more, if you make use of a more modern and advanced condensing boiler, you can benefit from as much as 90% efficiency. If you are planning to replace a regular LPG boiler with an advanced condensing boiler, installation or replacement is not difficult, either. The key is to get a boiler which is as efficient as possible, and an expert can help you with this as well.

What to consider

LPG has been known to be more expensive than mains gas or oil, but the price for LPG per litre is not expected to rise anytime soon. When you opt for LPG, you could also benefit from a monitoring system which will check the amount of LPG in the tank – and the system will immediately inform your supplier if the LPG is about to run out, helping prevent issues with supply.

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