What to Consider Before Hiring a Roof Contractor

There are several important things to consider before you hire a roofing contractor to repair or redo your home. You don’t want to end up with shoddy work or a roof which falls apart after a few weeks because the contractor used cheap, erroneous material. Here are some important things to remember when employing a roofing contractor.

Where is your office located?

If you plan on having your roof fixed in Australia and your home is based in the capital, you must contact Sydney roof restoration companies who have their offices located in the area. It is vital that you hire a contractor who operates locally and has their premises close to your home or place of work, that way it is easy to visit them if you aren’t satisfied with certain parts of their work.

If you choose to hire a roof contractor who doesn’t have a base in the city or surrounding area, then you’ll have very little chance of finding them if they do a bad job on your home or business. A professional company will always have a place of business, and one which is located locally is always easier to find if you have any queries about your finished project.

Are you insured, and fully licenced?

A rogue roof contractor won’t bother to have their company or staff insured, simply because it costs money and they don’t want to operate within the confines of the law. They’d rather go from place to place, carrying out mediocre jobs and charging clients extortionate prices to do so. Once their clients realise what has been done, they’re already on to their next victim with no way of tracking them down.

A professional, reputable roof company will be fully insured to cover all eventualities and their workers will be highly skilled and specially trained to conduct complex roof restoration and repair work. You’ll have no issues asking them to view their documentation, and most businesses will have their certificates on-site ready for inspection if requested.

Can you provide multiple references?

A competent, reliable roof company will have no issues supplying you with several references upon request, if they refuse to do so, or can only show evidence of 1 or 2, then you should be very wary of such a contractor. The vast majority of good roofing companies will be able to provide you with a list of previous clients who they’ve worked for, along with their number if you wish to contact them for further information.

It is advisable to ask their previous customers if they encountered any issues with the company and how where they treated after they made inquiries about their problems. Some businesses will have images on their websites of work carried out on earlier projects.

The questions mentioned above are just a small sample of some good questions which you can ask any potential roof company before hiring them for a job. Try to avoid door to door contractors, and where possible use an organisation who are well-established in the community.