What are the benefits of an extra height garage?

Extra height garages have become more and more common as cars have gotten bigger and the demand for better and more garage storage has increased. There are numerous benefits to more garage space, you can fit a bigger car inside, and with most models you can fit a work van in.

Companies like Dencroft Garages build garages that can accommodate for a 4×4, Jeep, SUV, Van or People Carrier. Extra height garages can also store boats and caravans and are often used as at-home gym’s or for commercial storage. No matter what the circumstances or need of the customer you can find an extra height garage that suits your needs.

With over 60 years of experience building concrete garages for Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield and greater Yorkshire, Dencroft garages have built up an enviable reputation and track record. Below are some of the benefits of having an extra height garage.


Having extra height on a garage can sometimes be off-putting as people think that the garage may be more vulnerable when exposed to adverse weather. However unlike their metal equivalents, concrete garages are extremely well supported and can withstand all that the winter months can throw at them.

Storing Vehicles

Rather than having to leave your work van out on the drive or main road, with a garage that has an extra height roof, your work van can now also be secure at night. There is also the massively beneficial fact that by storing vehicles in a garage they are much more resilient to weathering and will depreciate much slower, helping to prevent rust and colour fading.

Extra Storage Space

Over the years, it is inevitable that we acquire more and more goods, some of which are used more frequently than others. So for those of us that bought that professional juicer on the Black Friday sales that we’ve used once, and might use again in the summer to make one jug of homemade lemonade, the attic and worktops that came with our homes are sometimes just not enough.

Thanks to a garage with an extra height roof, the extra goods that don’t fit in your house can now go in your weatherproof concrete garage. This is also much cheaper than having to pay for a storage unit. Even if storage purposes aren’t the main purpose for getting a garage with an extra height roof, the extra space that is provided can still be utilised.

Style and substance

Our extra height garages come in a range of different sizes, all of which come with matching doors to accommodate for whatever your needs are. Concrete garages can also come with either an apex roof or a pent roof that comes in a variety of sizes to suit the customer’s requirements.

Both roof options are contemporary and stylish, ensuring that they still provide maximum strength, durability and improved drainage. The designs are modern and practical, and of the extensive range of garages available offer, extra height garages are one of the most cost-effective.