Three Modern Tiling Concepts for Your Next Home Remodel

With every home remodel plan you will eventually have to pick tile for some of your flooring options.  Tile is most commonly used in the bathroom and the kitchen but you can also find it in a laundry room or a mud room.  Regardless of how many spaces you will lie tile, you are going to have choose between a variety of textiles, shapes, colors, and styles.

To help you make this choice, here are few common out-of-the-box ideas:


While subway tiles are nothing new to the world of home design, you don’t have to settle for the same old designs of the kitchen and baths of yesteryear.  Known also as metro tiles, subway tiles are typically sold in the 3” x 6” variety and have a beveled edge.  These are most common to subway stations all over the world, which is how they got their name.

Today, you can find subway tiles in a vast number of dimensions.  Smaller sizes are excellent for mosaics and backsplashes while bigger sizes could be better for smaller spaces.  Obviously, each different characteristic carries its own set of benefits.  In addition, designers are placing different colors and characteristics into set patterns (zig zag, herringbone, etc) to create new concepts based on classic sensibilities.


Outside of color and size in different patterns, some designers are getting even more adventurous with tile shapes.  Indeed, geometric tiles have become more popular over the last few years, with the hexagon leading the charge.  Hexagonal tiles are especially good for a bathroom design because the honeycomb design can help to change the dynamic of a smaller space, especially if you infuse the occasional bit of color.

Geometric tiling is also great if you specifically want to add more color.  The irregular—but reflexive—shape can seem exotic to the brain (even subconsciously) with a pattern of colors also feeding a pleasing aesthetic. Consider a mosaic for even more an even more charming sense of aesthetics.


When you remodel a bathroom, patterned wall tiles are popular but it could also be a great idea for Tuiles imitation bois Carreaux Metro.  Using imitation wood tiles in specific patterns can combine both a natural appeal with a uniformed aesthetic, and that could be quite an affordable and pleasing concept for any quality bathroom remodel.