Teak Garden Furniture Guide for Your Perfect Patio

The garden you’ve been working on needs to be accompanied by the perfect patio furniture. If you’re confused about what to choose, then look no further because you can get authentic Indonesian teak garden furniture from many retailers near you. This item is special, and accompanied by excellent price tags considering its quality. In this article, you will know what teak furniture best suit your style and theme.

Creating a Great Atmosphere with Teak Garden Furniture

Indonesian teak furniture is made from authentic, high-quality teak masterfully crafted by skilled furniture manufacturers. Its woodwork is different from many ordinary manufacturers, with unique coloration and design style. When you first see it, you might think that it’s way too simple and seems too uninteresting at times. However, this look is designed to help it merge into your garden. Once you got it, you will see how the simple design seamlessly integrates into your backyard. That’s why rather than buying extravagant styles, it’s still worth it to return to a more down to earth design.

The teak itself is a great wood used in Indonesia Java furniture. It’s highly customizable so it can adjust to many people’s tastes. But, this came in with a drawback. Because of the high popularity, there are many teak wood copies circulating around in the market. These flimsy copies are sometimes even priced way higher than the authentic one. But, you can easily spot differences between the copies and authentic.

The first obvious difference between authentic and a cheap copy is the colorization. Teak is a lightly colored wood, but can naturally darken as it excretes oils as it gets older and lifting its grade. The darkening can also be done with forced staining with acid. Sometimes, if done correctly, this staining can look good but it doesn’t change the grade of the wood. So if you see a wood that’s unnaturally dark, then it might be a cheap copy. Some cheap furniture manufacturers also made these copies with rough tools. To see the build quality, you have to see the cuts and joints. If it’s rough, then it might be a cheaply mass produced product.

Now is time to adjust what kind of teak garden furniture you need. Choosing the right manufacturer is the first thing you should do. Each manufacturer specialized in different things. See their catalog provided by the store to help you differentiate between each design. Next is the garden itself, because the garden furniture needs to compliment the layout of your garden. You can decide it by choosing whether you want a single gathering spot or some loose benches here and there. Then the style must compliment your own garden. This varies between every people, so choose based on your own taste.

Choosing Indonesia furniture is a great choice. If you decide on Indonesian teak furniture, then rest assured that the furniture will last you forever. Well, Indonesian craftsmanship combined with authentic Indonesian teak timber is one of the best furniture products in the market today.