How to Mix and Match Interior Features Like a Pro

Mixing and matching may not always be welcomed by those new to interior design. There’s the fear of creating a mess instead of realizing their dream space. However, there are a lot of ways to mix and match where the design still works together effectively. As an expert in Contemporary Interior Design, we want to share the guidelines below:

Ensure Contrast to Eliminate the Sock Factor

Having every surface covered in the same kind of material and shade can surely look shocking and feel boring. In order to keep your interest in the space, you want to go for natural colors that allow your eyes and mind to wander. Mixing and matching yield contrast and visual interest. It gives your eyes something to focus on and examine.

Apply Patterns Anywhere in the Room

In terms of mixing patterns, try to mix various prints which common threads. Keep the patterns within a similar theme to come up with a space that boasts a cohesive look. Our Residential Interior Designer wants to suggest sticking to three patterns when integrating them into a defined space. Also, patterns should be broken up through the use of many neutrals in between. To make sure that no part of a room looks over-stimulating, distribute the patterns around the room.

Add Visual Weight to the Space with Texture

If you want a texture that is more comfortable to the eyes, go for the rough ones.  You want to choose these textures if you want a pleasing oasis. But for a sleek look, choose smooth textures. Experiment with architectural elements to put texture in your interiors. You can have it on your walls through a covering or wallpaper.

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