How can open corner bi-fold doors enhance space limitations?

If you are considering redeveloping your home, such as adding a conservatory or removing internal walls, you may be faced with the common question; how do I get around space limitations?

Most designs are based around these limitations and whilst for most people they have to stick to the tried and trusted methods, occasionally you can push these limitations much further. Bi-folding doors have been added to properties all over the world and are now the number one home extension product, however if space limitations create a really large problem, you can now consider a corner bi-fold door to remove these issues.

This open corner arrangement can add a new dimension to the room and the space you provide however for some people this option is never discussed because they do not know what it is.

So what is a corner bi-folding door arrangement?

By tradition, the corner bi-fold door is seen on a straight wall with a static corner post that remains in a fixed position when the door concertinas back. However, no longer does that have to remain the case.

Companies like Clear View Bi-folding Doors is West Yorkshire can now offer an open corner arrangement. Their design allows you to completely open up the corner and create a full, unobstructed free corner space, which afford completely different views and uses from the room.

This is achieved by connecting the corner post to one side of the corner and the side of the door it is connected too. For security reasons these can all be locked in place and remain in place should you wish, however for those moments when you want it completely free living, you can just open up the door. If you are thinking of adding this to your property, you will have to make some small changes to the roof to add additional support, however this may well be a small price to pay for the outstanding space the corner bi-fold door offers.

Corner bi-folding doors can come in a number of different arrangements with 2 through to 6 panes of class on either one side depending on the size of your home. It is often best to speak to a specialist bi-folding door professional however in these scenarios to ensure your current home is built for this type of arrangement.

These doors work particularly well in a south facing garden as they can allow for way more natural light into the building. Natural light has many benefits, including health rewards, so getting more into your home could be highly advantageous. They provide lots of value to the home both is a usability sense and a financial gain so considering them in your next project is highly recommended.

Architects all over the UK are looking at ways in which they can include this type of door in their next project so if you feel it would be of benefit to you, make sure you speak to your architect about this plan as early as possible.