Functional, modern and unique design

The lamps from Verner Panton’s design is timeless and classic but with a modern twist. Verner Panton is yet to this day an icon when it comes to Danish design and especially within lamp design. Verner Panton was among others, the mastermind behind the well-known VP globe. The work by Verner Panton has been treasured for decades and has now been brought back to life by Verpan.

There are many different lamps from Verner Panton that has been loved throughout many generations due to its ability to fit in any room. The lamps from Verner Panton has an elegance to its lightening and is an investment that will be well spent.

The design of Verner Panton is not only a beautiful design, but all lamps also have another focus than being elegant. The lamps from Verner Panton are of high quality and the standard, to be useful in many different occasions. For example, the Globe, is available in different type of material such ass glass, acrylic and aluminium. Thereby, it is possible to choose the material that is most suitable for your own environment. Your Globe lamp can therefore meet your every need of a lamp.

Verpan lamps have the Verner Panton design at heart, where the classic and famous lamps from Verner Panton is brought back to life. The lamps are of great quality where the focus is to highlight the best part of each of Verner Panton’s lamps. The work is established by the love for Verner Panton’s creations and design.

The Verpan’s product collection has different type of lamps included. There are for example pendant lamps, table lamps, mounted lamps as well as standing lamps to choose from. It is also possible to choose between different types of lightening, which gives the lamp different expressions depending of which lightening. What all of the lamps have in common is that they are well executed with focus on even the smallest details in order to create the perfect lightening, in line with the lamps from Verner Panton.

At you can find a great assortment of lamps from Verner Panton. offers you different shapes, forms colours and materials so you can find the perfect Verner Panton lamp for your home. The lamps from Verner Panton is an investment you will never regret.