Climatiseur mural carrier, why do you need one?

Air conditioners are installed as window air conditioners now into a wall function. They come as self-contained single units exhausting humidity and heat outside from the room. The louvers are on the unit sides or the back of the unit bringing fresh air.  Here, the air runs passing the coils, while it gets cooled by compressor that uses the refrigerant and the fan pushes into the room cool air. The advantage of climatiseur mural carrier referring to wall air conditioner carrier is that it can be fit in an exterior wall through a hole. It is of great use to cool one room. However, you should install in your wall a sleeve so that the unit weight receives proper support.

Why wall air conditioner carrier?

The wall air conditioners are created to offer maximum flexibility and you can enjoy superior air quality, while the operating sound level is low. The air conditioners feature precision temperature control, besides looks stylish mounted as wall air conditioning unit. Choosing wall air conditioner carrier is because these air conditioners come with DC inverter technology that is balanced with enough efficiency levels. This gives a satisfactory cooling and heating solution.

There are most important things to remember about wall air conditioning unit and they are wall measurements, voltage and BTUs.

Wall Measurement

An air conditioning unit requires a vent outside to install through a wall. This wall should be an exterior wall and it is important to know the thickness of the wall so that it helps in determining the wall air conditioner type to purchase.


Most rooms are rated with 15amps electricity and many have 125V/15A plugs used in most homes. However, if you plan installing more than 15 amps a larger unit that is also over 125volts, you need to upgrade your circuitry by calling an electrician. If you replace the unit existing now, consider buying an air conditioner with similar plug type so that the right amperage and voltage is determined.

BTUs (British Thermal Units)

These refer to the units of power and so for larger area to cool, you need more BTUs. Thus, calculating the BTUs is essential using the BTU calculator. Find the appropriate size; buy air conditioner with required BTU as the room size and not with higher BTU. Having air conditioner in right size helps in running for longer time and also helps in removing humidity properly from the room.