Amazing Interior Décor Ideas For Smaller Bedrooms!

Unlike other rooms of the house, the bedroom is your personal space. While it can work in harmony with the basic interior theme, you can choose to give the bedroom an individualistic look, as well.  The task at hand gets more complicated when you have limited space, and in this post, we bring a few ideas, exclusively for smaller bedrooms.

Work with wallpapers

From metallic designs that reflect light to the classic textured ones, wallpapers can change the entire dynamics of your bedroom. What’s even better is the fact that you can use varied kinds of themes and ideas, within a budget. Just check with websites like wallpaperfromthe70s to find more on the options. With that said, we insist that you have a plan in place before ordering for wallpaper rolls.

Avoid extreme dark themes

For the bedroom, it is always better to have a light décor theme, especially when the space is small. We are assuming that you have limited windows for the room too. Instead of blacks and browns, go for summery colors, such as orange, green, and yellow. And yes, do include white in the palette to add some extra warmth and brightness. If you still like more sophisticated dark themes, keep the other elements in lighter shades, while the walls can be completely textured in wallpapers of extreme colors.

Use illusion

If you don’t have the space, you can use an illusion to magnify the look. Illusion can be created using larger windows, which also allows plenty of natural light in the room. If you don’t want to extensively change the existing space, go for mirrors. A large mirror as a centerpiece on the big wall can make the room look larger.

Make the most of your bed

If you have a small bedroom, it also means that you don’t have a lot of space for storage. As such, make the most of your bed in the first place. Try and using a box bed, and if it’s the kids’ room, you can go for bunk bed instead of two. The space underneath the bed can be used to stock anything from magazines to shoes.

Use the walls wisely

Even on wallpapered walls, you can use open and floating shelves, which can keep the room neat and tidy. Clearing clutter around the bed and on the floor can make the space look bigger.

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