Adapt Proper Ways to Select Timber Flooring to Enhance the Decor of Your Place

Timber flooring is a mark of elegance and warmth. The natural element timber was prominently used in flooring Australian properties. However, presently timber is used worldwide for its quality of matching perfectly with any kind of decor of the premises.

There are numerous timber suppliers in Melbourne, each known for reliability and selling timber at reasonable price. Presently, in the market timber is supplied in varied kinds depending upon their quality, price and features. Thus, choosing the best suitable timber for your place can be quite confusing and a difficult task.

Know the types of timber and their varied qualities:

  • Hard wood timber: Mostly it is cut and polished from one lengthy piece of timber, thus highly durable. Little expensive and fit to be floored in small spaced room. The beauty of this timber kind lies in its natural colour, its wood rawness, its length, depth and grain. It has to be installed only by expert floor layers directly on the timber bearer as it can be difficult while flooring. It has to be treated for moisture before using for flooring. It can be glued or nailed on timber subfloor.

  • Engineered or floating timber flooring: This timber is designed to fit on top of plywood planks. The timber is thin, thus more affordable compared to hardwood timber. It is cost effective and enhances the appearance of the interior decor. Even the installation of this kind of timber floor is easy. They are nailed or glued, they float to be fixed considering the weight and floor connections. They can be even laid upon tiles. The under layer of plywood helps in keeping the timber water proof.
  • Parquetry floors: They are single timber pieces arranged in geometrical pattern. The designing style varies like lineal, basket weave or square inside a square. The most popular trend at present is the herringbone pattern. They are available readily in preassembled pack. Mostly glued down on top of sub grade of wooden planks and concrete slabs. They are usually designed from timber cut pieces, thus environmental friendly.

Know how to opt for best quality timber:

You need to watch out for the grades marked on the flooring material. ‘A’ grade one is spotless, however little costlier than other graded wood. The floors are elegant, easy to maintain and promote natural look. Polyurethane finishes will have great life span, however scratches and chips stats showing. Buying light coloured timber is much better than dark ones as scratches can be hidden quite well and moreover dark timber floors need more maintenance.

To gain more info about the most popular timber flooring of present trend log on to websites promoting the sales of natural element flooring.