5 Signs You Need to Call a Plumber Immediately

Most people do not notice or deal with plumbing problems until the situation goes out of hands. The reason is that people don’t know the telltale signs of a clogged drain. If you learn to notice these signs early on, then you can prevent a bigger disaster from happening. Some of these signs are mentioned below. Call a plumber immediately if you notice the following signs in your house.

Low Water Pressure

If you notice low water pressure from the faucet, it could mean that the water pipe is blocked at some point or it could also mean that the opening of faucet is clogged. If the problem is with the faucet, you can easily handle it yourself by removing the faucet and cleaning the debris that is accumulated. However, if you don’t find any problem with the faucet then you should immediately contact a plumber.

Gurgling Sound

Hearing a gurgling sound is the most initial sign that something is wrong with your water pipes. Gurgling happens when your water system is trying to find some air because there is a blockage at some point in the system. If you notice the gurgling sound while showering or doing laundry, turn off the water at once so that the water does not backs into the house. Call a plumber to locate the problem and solve it. In addition, if you hear water running through the pipes when no one is using it, can also mean problem within your plumbing system.

A Sewage Odor

If you suddenly notice a sewage odor or a sulfur smell in your house but could not locate the source of this odor, then it means that there is a major problem with your sewage system. It could also mean a broken vent or sewer pipe under your house. You should call a plumber immediately in this case because if left unattended, this situation can wreck havoc to the foundation of your house.

A Frozen Pipe

Frozen water pipes are common during winters and most people simply deal with it themselves. This is a big mistake as frozen water pipes can be hard to defrost and need proper professional care. In addition, you can make the situation worse by improper handling. If the water is no longer running or you notice visible frost and water droplets on the surface of water pipes, then you should call a plumber at once.

Slow Draining

Any signs of slow draining is a fair indication that something is wrong with your plumbing system. Almost all of us tend to ignore this and only take action when the drain has been completely blocked. If you notice that your kitchen sink, toilet and shower has been taking a little time to drain the water, call your plumber immediately. This will save you a lot of trouble in the future and stop the situation from becoming worse, which will cost you a lot of money as well as convenience.