3 Things to Do When You Move into a New Home

Moving into a new home is exciting and can help you get a fresh start. Once you get the keys to your new pad, you’ll be wondering what to do next. Here are some tips to get you settled in a new place.

  1. Do a thorough inventory

Firstly, whether you’ve bought the place or are renting it, you should make sure the house is exactly how it was described. Tenants should go through the inventory and make sure any damage or wear and tear is documented, and that everything on the list is in place. Buyers should make sure the home is as-described in your contract, for example, if appliances were supposed to be included, that they have been left for you.

  1. Change the locks

If you have bought the house, then you should consider changing the locks when you move in. Find a Mandurah locksmith and get the exterior locks changed as soon as you can. The reasons for this include:

  • Previous owners may still have a copy of the key
  • Anyone they’ve lent a key to get into the house may also have copies – from cleaners to dog walkers
  • The old locks may not be up to modern standards
  • It’s a good excuse to upgrade your security

You may think that changing the locks sounds over the top, but there have been cases where homes have been broken into because people had access to keys due to previous owners being careless.

  1. Have your mail forwarded

Moving house is also a common time to become a victim of fraud. It’s often due to identity theft, where someone gets hold of your personal details and uses it as part of a scam, and therefore it’s important nobody has access to your mail. Make sure you have your mail forwarded while you’re still in the process of changing addresses, otherwise, the tenants or owners of your old home may have access to sensitive information, credit card details and more.

You should also look out for scams such as fake e-mails asking you to transfer deposits or balances, as many have lost thousands. Always double check before sending money.

When you move house, there’s a million things to do, but you should always remember to do the above three key tasks. When people move, they are more vulnerable to crime, as they haven’t had time to secure their properties and may find their information has been easily accessed without them noticing. Make sure you protect yourself.