Transform your Outdoor Living Area With Louvered Roofing

Architects and builders that are employed by business owners and residential homeowners often find that incorporating outdoor living spaces with the usual expectations of indoor dwellers can be challenging at times. This is one of the main reasons why adjustable louvered roofing systems — the outdoor living industry’s newest development — has become so popular.

Adjustable louvered roofing systems are designed to cover and protect decks, patios and other outdoor living spaces. They let in all of the qualities we most treasure in Mother Nature – fresh air, sunlight, birdsong, etc., — while providing coverage when Mother Nature becomes more temperamental — snow, rain, sleet, excessive sunlight, etc.

When connected with ceiling fans, these louvred roof systems work wonders at keeping out annoying pests like flies and mosquitoes. Louvre roof systems come with a number of compelling benefits, including:

All Weather Cover

Sunscreen louvre roof systems are adjustable which allows business owners and homeowners the opportunity to repurpose their outdoor living area in ways they never imagined possible. When the roof systems are closed, they are watertight, and integrated downspouts redistribute rainwater away from the structures. Screening is also an option if required. These louvered roofs are also rated for general local snow loads and seismic ratings.


High-quality louvered roofing systems are made of premium extruded aluminium, guaranteeing they will not rust. Even if they are integrated with external solar supplies or solar energy receptors, these louvered roofs use a minimum amount of power, and you can open or close them easily in a matter of seconds to a range of 160 degrees.

Ease of Installation

While practical in appearance and design, adjustable louvered roofing systems aren’t time-consuming to put together, nor do they require colossal material costs; therefore, they are cost-effective. Most of these louvred roofs can be installed within just one or two days, but it just depends on the overall scope of the project. When choosing a louver, look for reputable companies like Sunscreen Patios & Pergolas who provide a 10-year warranty on mechanical elements, louvers, headers and supports posts.


In most areas, adjustable louvered roofing systems do not fall under certain lot coverage requirements the same way that traditional roofing structures do. In all actuality, these innovative adjustable louvered roofing systems often meet zoning setbacks where conventional roofed structures cannot. For landscape architects and other outdoor living designers, adjustable louvered roofing systems are an attractive and innovative addition to their plans. Indeed, in some cases, these systems become the centrepiece to such designs, and at a minimal cost.

The Take-Away

There are several benefits to adding a louvered roofing system to your outdoor living area. After reading these four compelling benefits, you should have a clearer understanding of how these roofing systems can improve the appearance of your property.